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Floor Finishing

Maintain Wax Floor

Over time sediments build up on your floors from mopping and wax accumulation, giving the floors an undesirable or discolored look. Maintaining your wax floors requires a little time, some specific equipment and some know how. With these things in mind and on hand, your wax floors will look like new in no time.
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Vinyl Floor Finishes

How to Keep Waxed Floors Shiny

While waxed floors create a sheen that welcomes guests into the room, damaged floors can turn an unsightly yellow if they are damaged or not well-maintained. Re-waxing isn't the solution, as additional wax adds more layers of product and makes the floor more difficult to maintain. Regular maintenance and appropriate products will help keep your waxed hardwood, vinyl or linoleum floors shiny
  • Vacuum floors every day. A buildup of dirt and grime can wear away the finish of waxed floors, so it's important to rid of dirt on a daily basis.
  • Mop floors more thoroughly to loosen and remove dirt if the floors are beginning to lose their shine. Mix warm water and neutral detergent in a bucket. Mop the entire floor and follow with a mop rinsing of cool water.
  • Buff floors with hi speed buffers 2000 R.P.M., Buffers add shine to floors with the use of a small amount of product. Put A Shine Back On floor will Also Seal & Protect floor
  • Apply a wax-based product to floors in conjunction with a buffer. This will add a new layer of wax to your floors, so save this method for waxed floors that haven’t responded to the less-invasive treatments.